Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Ending

I've decided that writing about my Dwarf Fortress endeavors was too taxing on my entertainment factor. That, and nothing exciting was happening in the current fortress. Among other reasons.

I'm suspending my dwarf fortress blog until further notice.

Instead, I will be writing about game design, including reviews, ideas, and similar things...

So if you have not already read about it, you should check out my primary blog here:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Un-Archmines related

Dwarf Fortress - News:
Toady One (Creator of DF) is still working on the world generated towns, markets, tombs, sewers etc. He announced the first publicly-displayed marketplace, in all of it's ascii glory (to the right).

I'm quite excited for the new spreading diseases and necromancers. I can imagine some mods which have zombie apocalypses coming out that would be very fun to play in adventure mode. Or maybe not. I'll have to see it first.

We might also see vampires with special weaknesses, like only dying by a stake through the heart (Probably not that cliche). I'm not sure what this means, or if it will actually make it into the game (I heard it in the DF Talk), but it certainly sounds interesting.

Dwarf Fortress - Stories:
I've recently been reading many stories related to dwarf fortress, taken from new and old versions - and from dwarf mode and adventurer mode. There are some great stories available for reading here.

My favorite story was the Halmet of Tyranny. A tale of demons, destruction, and fun.

Even if you do not currently play Dwarf Fortress, or perhaps have never even played before, you should definitely read some of these. The Fable of Catan the Eagle is also very touching.

Unrelated newsNehrim, for Oblivion
I've been taking a break from Dwarf Fortress, primarily out of boredom and FPS lag of current fortress, but also because I found an amazing mod for Oblivion called Nehrim (And firelands for WoW, as I've mentioned).

If anybody reading this liked The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, this is a definite must play. It's completely unrelated to the oblivion world (Tamriel), and the world, races, and everything else is new. They also added a crafting system, you can cook, you level up from experience rather than from levelling skills (Lol acrobatics as a primary skill).

Overall, it's a huge improvement. The voice acting is entirely german, but they are professional voice actors so it's not bad. There are also subtitles. On a scale of one to ten, I would give this game a third digit.

PS: This game only requires Oblivion, no expansions. It must be fully updated, though. You'll also want the "google-translated" english book mod. Most text is translated to english, but minor books and some side quests are not translated.

Dwarf fortress will continue soon, but this game is quite interesting.

If interested, especially for those who do not have the game or don't have a computer powerful enough for it, I will continue to record my gameplay progress. As of right now, you can watch a good 6+ hours of gameplay on my livestream account.

Although Livestream does terrible things to my framerate. I am considering lowering my resolution and recording it full screen, which will offer a large performance and graphics boost for viewers (But not myself).

Friday, July 1, 2011


After the release of Firelands for World of Warcraft, and my rather short camping trip, I decided my next Dwarf Fortress post was long overdue. So where were we?

I had just queue'd up many more production queue's for the steel industry, to finish outfitting the soldiers. Our walls are fortified, though we need more traps before the bridge. Our indoor refuse pile is completely full of miasma - I'm sure any dwarves going to throw something away will be pleased by that. There are plenty of pets awaiting their turn at the butcher - fun!

A large quantity of workers are smoothing away at our bedrooms and hallways to make everything look good. We currently have 90 dwarves, I believe my cap is set to 100. Out of those 90 dwarves, we have 87 bedrooms and 2 noble's rooms. One couple shares a bedroom, so we're actually right on the nose in terms of bedrooms.

Main floor, the Workshop level. Mmmm, the smell of industry

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday update (No dwarfs!)

Sorry folks, no Dwarf Fortress updates today! Followers might have noticed the accidental post about Firelands! (Part 2). This was intended for my mage blog. Whoops.

This is also the reason there won't be a dwarf fortress update today. A new content patch was released, and in preparation of tomorrow's raid I was grinding out the new quest line and getting some valor points.

Tonight will be devoted to working on a website completely unrelated to either of these blogs, but I might get around to posting an early-morning dwarf fortress update.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Archmines, Year 4 (part 1)

Welcome to Year 4

Surface-level Snapshot at beginning of Year 4
The last few days have been spent exploring Steam's 5 free to play games

So back to Dwarf Fortress! Our military is getting suited up, a few archers still need their preferred copper crossbow, but because we haven't discovered a source of copper yet, they're getting bone. The quality of a crossbow is not important, the quality of the bolt is, however. But when out of ammo, dwarves will use the crossbow as a blunt weapon.

You can, of course, give them a ranged and a melee weapon. They seem to change their weapon on a per-need basis. I'm not entirely sure of the effectiveness of this, and plan to examine their strategies during this fortress.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Archmines Year 3: Constructing, Expanding, Equipping

Spring has just arrived at the fortress, and I have since made many new constuction projects. I had tried and failed at a few different pump designs, but eventually using a 5-pump brute force method was able to drain the river.

I would love to share a video of the process, but the framerate was absolutely terrible due to the size of my river/moat and amount of fluids being moved around.

So the dam works, but it's currently open and takes a surprising amount of time to drain. Once I create some water traps I will be able to reclaim any items or corpses which fall into the moat, although this will take probably two seasons to drain - any corpses will surely be rotten. The bonus is that I can reclaim any steel items lost by my dwarves, or any other metal armor worn by any fallen enemy who fell into the water.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Archmines, Year 2 (Part 2): It's all coming together

My randomly placed cage traps throughout the edges of the map have been in place for some time now, looking at my Units screen I see they have been put to good use! Warthogs and elephants have been captured. I've begun taming these and so far have three tamed elephants. Remember, if you want to tame animals and even train them to be hunting or war animals, you should be aware of the Dungeon Master arrival bug.

Currently my dwarves have crafted four artifacts. One pig tail fiber cape, a limestone throne, a steel throne, and a green glass bed. The steel throne has an image of itself embedded in steel.